SleepBetter Article Collections: Sleep and Your Relationship

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This collection lists a series of articles that cover how sleep (or lack thereof) can impact your relationships.  Whether we’re talking about relationships with spouses, significant others, friends, or even co-workers, a well rested “you” deals with other people better!

Dating, Love and Sleep: They Do Go Together
“The Dating Doctor”, David Coleman, talked with SleepBetter to give our readers tips on sleep and love.

Sleep & Sex
From our Sleep Solutions page, an article with tips on how a good night’s sleep can improve your love life.

5 Ways an Old Pillow is Like an Old Boyfriend
Old pillows are more like old boyfriends than you ever imagined!

Snoring Robs Spouses of Four Years of Sleep
Snoring could be a sign of health problems.  Even if it isn’t, however, it could prove to be a problem with the person sharing your bed.

Work Bullying Linked With Poor Sleep
Bullying doesn’t just happen in elementary or high schools.