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Learning While You Sleep May Be Possible


It turns out your brain may be more “awake” while you’re sleeping than previously thought. Researchers in France and England recently teamed up to study the processing capacity of sleeping brains. The researchers used a simple word test, having participants use a hand signal device to categorize the given word as being either an animal or…
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Stresstember: Study Says This Month Starts the Stress Season


Feeling stressed lately? It’s probably the time of year.  A study from The Sleep Council, a UK-based trade association, indicates that September is the beginning of the stress season for many. As schools re-start and work re-boots, the study found that ‘Stresstember’ not only marks the return to routine, but also pressure levels. The research shows millions of…
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“Sleep Drunkenness” More Common Than Previously Thought


Have you ever awakened from a deep sleep (perhaps thanks to you mortal enemy, the alarm clock) and not known what time it is, what day it is, or even where you are?  That’s a condition called “sleep drunkenness” or “sleep inertia”, and scientists now say it’s more common than they previously thought. For most people,…
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Good Sleep Reduces Sick Days

sick woman

Early to bed and early to rise, or at least the right amount of sleep, will leave you with a happier boss. New research from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki indicates that simply getting the appropriate amount of sleep can reduce the number of sick days you need to use.  The study is published…
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Pediatricians: Teenagers Need To Sleep In

tired school girl sleeping with her books

With the vast majority of American schools back in session, it’s time to get back to what’s becoming an annual discussion — school start times.  This year, pediatricians are throwing their weight behind the argument that school for teens needs to start later. In a new policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recommending…
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Workers With Windows Sleep 46 Minutes Better

Sleeping secretary

While we all want an office in our workplace, it turns out you’re better off just asking for a window. An interdisciplinary team of architects and medical researchers recently conducted a small case study comparing people exposed to natural light at their jobs with those who aren’t. The window workers scored better on common self-report health…
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Scientists Now Know Why Seniors Don’t Sleep As Well

Sleeping Senior

Everyone knows that it’s not unusual to sleep more poorly as we age.  The aches and pains that come with becoming older keep us from being comfortable at night, and leading less active lifestyles can also contribute to a bad night’s sleep.  Scientists now say, however, that they have learned another reason sleep can be…
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What City is the Most Sleepless in the World?


Do Americans sleep less than residents of other countries? How do our cities rank compared to those around the world? Thanks to a device that tracks sleep, activity and food, we now have an idea of the answers to those questions. The Wall Street Journal recently analyzed data released by Jawbone, the company that makes…
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Astronaut Use of Sleep Aids is Sky High


There’s no way around it — space flight is stressful.  Between the cramped quarters and the sheer danger of the exercise, it’s enough to give anyone insomnia.  However, according to a recent study, the use of sleep aids both before and during space flight is astronomical. The study, conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston,…
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Research: Sleep Aids and Wake Aids Might Not Work


A healthcare research firm is urging more study into use of drugs by third shift workers that are designed to keep them awake or help them sleep. The Cochrane Library says it has looked at the available research into the use of several sleep-related drugs, and found that there’s no evidence they actually do much to help….
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