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An Update On American Sleep


So, how are we doing? Are Americans finally “waking up” to the fact that they need more sleep? According to a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation, the answer is a resounding “no”. According to the survey, U.S. adults reported sleeping an average of only about six-and-a-half hours on weekdays and seven hours hours, 22 minutes…
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Not Enough Sleep Could Lead To False Memories

Sleep Computer Key Showing Insomnia Or Sleeping Disorders Online

Researchers have shown that our perception of reality is severely impacted by sleep deprivation. The study, which examined whether lack of sleep could lead to false memories, was conducted at the University of California, Irvine.  Scientists involved in the research say that sleep-deprived subjects who viewed photographs of a crime being committed and then read false information about…
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The Debate Over The Best Sleep Length

Alarm clock in bed concept for overslept or bed time

Here at SleepBetter, when we’re asked how much sleep adults need, we answer that seven to nine hours is best.  The reason for the wide range is that every individual is different and every individual needs a different amount of sleep.  Some researchers are now saying, however, that the “right” amount of sleep may actually be…
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Summer Supermoons May Keep You Awake

giant full-moon over a dark forest, night time image

If you find that you can’t sleep well this summer, you have something new to blame.  Scientists say they’ve proven that we don’t sleep as well on nights with a full moon, and this summer features three full moons that are larger than most. A supermoon is a full or new moon that occurs at…
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Hotel Dedicates Itself to Sleep


We all have nights when we can’t sleep very well.  But, what if you simply can’t relax enough to sleep well night after night?  After checking to make sure you have the best bedding you can buy, maybe you need to consider checking into the Corinthia Hotel. The hotel, located in the middle of London,…
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Interrupted Sleep is as Bad as No Sleep


Here’s a new reason to replace that old and uncomfortable bed, pillow, or mattress topper.  New research shows that individuals who experience interrupted sleep may as well not be getting anywhere near a full night’s sleep, no matter how long they stay in bed. The study, conducted at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Isreal, wanted to…
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One Day Without Sleep Could Lead to Schizophrenia Symptoms


If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to have schizophrenia, all you have to do is withhold sleep from your body for a day. New research conducted by international team of researchers under the guidance of the University of Bonn and King’s College London indicates that just 24 hours of not sleeping can lead…
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Sleep Deprivation Leads to an “Older” Brain


The less you sleep, the older your brain will appear.  That’s the word from a new study released today. The research, conducted by the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, looked at 66 Chinese individuals who were at least 55 years old.  The subjects were followed over 10 years. By looking into their structural MRI brain scans,…
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Is “Bedtime Procrastination” a New Sleep Disorder?


Researchers say they may have identified a brand new sleep disorder, and it has more to do with not wanting to go to sleep than not being able to. Most people diagnosed with a sleep issue have problems going to sleep or staying asleep.  But, a team at Utrecht University in the Netherlands say the sleep disorder…
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Study: Controlled Screen Time Won’t Disrupt Teen Sleep


One of the mantras from us here at SleepBetter is to control your technology use before bed, and to monitor your child’s as well.  We’re not going to stop saying that, but new research says teens’ bodies may have gotten so used to screen time that it no longer bothers them in moderate amounts. Researchers…
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