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In the Workplace, Lack of Sleep Worse Than Smoking or Drinking

Businessman sleeping with sticky notes on eyes at desk in office

Keeping healthy and being a productive worker is a tricky thing, but it turns out the best thing you can do is get a good night’s sleep.  In fact, according to researchers at Cambridge University and Rand Europe, sleeping is more important than how much drink or smoke when it comes to workplace productivity. The researchers studied…
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Colleges Making it Easier for Students to Sleep

Female college student sleeping on the grass at campus

We’ve written many articles on SleepBetter about the relationship between sleep and learning.  Now, it appears universities are starting to take sleep deprived students seriously. Two schools in England, Manchester University and the University of East Anglia, are the latest to install special areas for students to use solely for napping.  Manchester has added futuristic…
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Teen Sleep Patterns Tied to Drug Use


New research shows that teens who stay up late or sleep less are more likely to have used alcohol and drugs recently than those who haven’t. Researchers at the RAND Corporation surveyed more than 2,500 teenagers from Southern California.  The teens self-reported their total sleep time and bedtime, as well as alcohol or marijuana use….
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Americans Can’t Decide How They Feel About Sleep


A new survey shows Americans understand why sleep is important, but when confronted with how much they’re supposed to sleep, they’re not so enthusiastic about it. The survey, administered by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), shows that the way sleep is framed influences the way people feel about it. When asked about how important sleep…
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New Study: Children Sleep Better With Routines

Sleeping Child

A new study is reinforcing the idea that a bedtime routine is the best way to get your child to sleep better. The huge multinational study, conducted by St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, involved around 10,000 mothers in 14 different countries. The researchers found out that mothers who implemented bedtime routines reported their children had fewer behavioral problems during the…
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Do Cellphones Disturb Unborn Baby’s Sleep?

Beautiful young pregnant woman lying on bed

If you read many of our articles here at SleepBetter, you know that we’re against cell phones in the bedroom.  They can disturb your sleep in a number of ways.  Interesting new research is now saying that those same cell phones can actually disturb an unborn baby’s sleep as well! Scientists conducted a small study…
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Banish Smartphones and Sleep Apps from the Bedroom


Every day it seems there’s a new app available for smartphones that promises to give you all of the information you need on your sleep patterns, making you more educated and able to sleep better.  It sounds good in theory, but in the end you’re better off without those apps. This isn’t a case of…
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Sleep Problems Can Lead to Less Pain Tolerance


People with insomnia have a lower tolerance to pain, according to a new study conducted in Norway. The study included more than ten thousand adults from a large, ongoing Norwegian health study. Subjects were asked about various types of sleep impairment, including insomnia, total sleep time, and how long it took them to fall asleep.  Each…
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Vast Majority of Office Workers are Sleep Deprived

Tired Businesswoman

It’s no shock that a lot of us don’t get near the amount of sleep we need, but sometimes a study comes along that quantifies it in a way that reminds us that changes need to be made. Most experts recommend adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep.  The wide span accounts for vast…
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At Risk for Sleep Apnea? Learn to Play the Flute!

Art. Hands Of Flutist Flaustist Musician Playing Flute

Every so often, we here at SleepBetter come across a sleep-related story that sounds too weird to be true.  Sometimes they are, but this one actually makes sense when you think about it. Researchers have determined that playing the flute or another wind instrument like the saxophone can reduce your risk of sleep apnea if…
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