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Scientists Link Sleep Apnea to Memory Loss

sleep apnea cpap

Sleep apnea is a scary disorder.  At minimum, it can cause its sufferers to be tired all day regardless of how much time they spend in bed.  At extremes, it can be fatal.  Scientists are now warning about another possible complication — early memory loss. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder in which the airways…
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Deep Sleep for Space Travel

Space Travel

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents loaded you into the car for a long trip?  Many times on those trips, you’d fall asleep for a large portion of the trip, and find that it seemed like you were there in no time.  That’s what scientists are hoping they can force astronauts to…
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Treating Military Sleep Can Help With PTSD


It’s not uncommon for members of the military who are on deployment or even home after deployment to have a variety of sleep problems.  New research shows us that treating those sleep problems can help alleviate symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Scientists at the RAND Corporation surveyed more than 2,000 married…
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New Study Says Less Money = Less Sleep


Money may not buy happiness, but apparently those who have it are sleeping better. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently took a close look at numbers from the 2013 Health Interview Survey.  Since the CDC considers sleep deficiency a public health epidemic, the amount of sleep that individuals are receiving was of…
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Insomnia and Depression Can Equal More Nightmares

Youth Problems

Insomnia and depression are a predictor for nightmares, according to new research conducted in Finland. The study, published in the journal Sleep, had two goals.  First, it wanted to find out if factors associated with frequent nightmares could be reproduced in a large population sample.  It also wanted to examine whether there were previously unreported factors…
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More People Experience “Exploding Head Syndrome” Than Previously Thought

Explosion of planet or star

When you first hear about “exploding head syndrome,” you may think it sounds horrifying.  It’s not quite as bad as it sounds, but for those who suffer from the condition, it can be troubling.  And, scientists now say that it’s more common than they previously thought. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says exploding head consists of a…
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What Companies Can Do to Help Employees Sleep Better


Clearly, employers are not responsible for the sleep quality (or lack thereof) of their employees.  However, there is something they can do to help it. A novel new study published in the March issue of Sleep Health found that employees at an IT company slept an average of one hour longer each week when their bosses were…
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Melatonin Can Help With Sleep if You’re in a Noisy Place

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According to a new study, if you’re the type who gets a better night’s rest from wearing a sleep mask and earplugs, you might consider looking into melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone secreted by the body to regulate sleep, usually in periods of darkness. Synthetically produced melatonin is used to boost the body’s own melatonin…
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Boost Your Memory Up to 5X with a Power Nap


Power naps, quick sleeps in the middle of the day, are a wonderful thing.  They can help make up for a bad night’s sleep the night before, relieve stress, improve productivity later in the day, and, according to new research, can also help boost your memory dramatically. Researchers at Saarland University in Germany tested the memory…
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Survey: Economic Pressures are Ruining Our Sleep


Many things are blamed for the overwhelming inability to get the proper amount of sleep.  Included in that list are technology, work, and chronic pain.  A new survey, however, points to economic trouble as being the top problem. The study, conducted for technology maker Phillips, included 7,817 people surveyed in the United States, Brazil, the UK,…
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