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7 Novel Bits of Sleep Advice from Sleep Doctors

frustrated woman trying to sleep with insomnia

The Huffington Post recently posted a great article that included seven pieces of advice from sleep doctors on how to fall asleep.  At least one of them, we’ll admit, we’d never heard of.  Check out the short version of the advice below, and click over to the article for full explanations. Blow Bubbles This isn’t…
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Exercise Helps Ease Sleep Disorder

Sleep Computer Key Showing Insomnia Or Sleeping Disorders Online

New research indicates that exercise can help alleviate excessive daytime sleepiness among depressed individuals. Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care looked into blood samples that identified two biological markers for hypersomnia, which is characterized by sleeping too much at night as well as excessive daytime sleepiness in…
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Research Reveals New Information About Senior Sleep

Sleeping Senior

Despite amazing advances in knowledge about sleep in the last few years, there are still so many things we don’t know.  One of them is why senior citizens seem to sleep differently than younger people.  New research, however, may be opening the door for more understanding of senior sleep. Researchers at the University of Lausanne in…
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The Science of Waking Up is Actually Pretty Simple


In an exciting new finding that could potentially lead to treatments for body clock disorders, scientists at Northwestern University say they’ve unlocked some of the secrets of why we wake up when we do. The body clock mechanism, it turns out, is much like a light switch. In a study of brain circadian neurons that…
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New Study Reveals Mysteries of REM Sleep

Woman Sleeping

What’s going on during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep has been a mystery to scientists ever since they started examining what happens when we’re slumbering.  Due to new research, however, the veil may finally be lifted on this period of heightened brain activity that happens while we slumber. One of the hallmarks of REM sleep…
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Could Side Sleeping Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk?


While it hasn’t yet been tested on humans, new research suggest that sleeping on your side could reduce the build-up of toxins in the brain and thus reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s Disease. The research, conducted at Stony Brook University in New York, indicates that sleeping in the lateral, or side position – as compared with…
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Sleeping With Your Phone In Your Hand?

Sleeping Couple Being Woken By Mobile Phone In Bedroom

It’s been well documented on this site (here, here, and here, for example) that sleeping with a smartphone nearby is not a recipe for good sleep.  While it has some benefits, such as using the phone as an alarm clock, the negatives outweigh the positives.  Yet, still people continue to do it.  Now, what would you…
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Sleep Deprived Adolescents More Likely to Self Harm

Youth Problems

A new Norwegian study indicates that adolescents with sleep problems such as insomnia may be more likely harm themselves intentionally. Self-harm such as cutting and burning is a growing problem.  This new study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, included self-reports from 10,220 teenagers (16-19 years old) in Western Norway on mental health, including a comprehensive…
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You May Be Completely Wrong About The Amount You Sleep


We’ve all had those nights when you lay awake wondering when you’ll finally go to sleep.  In the end, you figure you’ve only slept for five hours or maybe less, due to insomnia.  However, new research indicates that on nights like that you may actually be sleeping more than you think. A study published in…
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Superfoods That May Help You Sleep


It’s not new information that some foods can actually help you sleep better.  Here at SleepBetter, we’ve featured more than one article on the benefits of cherry juice for insomnia.  The Huffington Post recently went one step further, however, compiling a list of 10 superfoods that can help you sleep.  Below is the basic list….
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