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Scientists Working to Unlock the Mysteries of the Body Clock

Falling asleep and waking up are key transitions in everyone’s day, but millions of people have trouble with these transitions.  They find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, and hard to stay awake during the day. Despite decades of research, how these transitions work – the neurobiological mechanics of our circadian…
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Study Points to Work Factors for Sleep Problems


A new study found that specific psychological and social work factors were associated with sleep problems.  To make it worse, the study indicated that the impact of those work factors may negatively affect sleep for up to two years. The results of the research, which was conducted in Norway,  show that quantitative job demands, decision…
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Why You Don’t Sleep Well in Hotel Rooms


When people sleep in an unfamiliar place for the first time–a hotel room, for example–they often feel as though they haven’t slept as well. Now, researchers have discovered the reason why: under those conditions, one hemisphere of the brain stays more awake to keep watch. “We know that marine animals and some birds show unihemispheric…
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Are Night Owls Less Healthy?


Night owls take note — there’s a new study that says your way of life isn’t the healthiest. Sleep deficits and poor-quality sleep have been linked to obesity and a myriad of health problems, but this study by University of Delaware researcher Freda Patterson and collaborators at the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and the…
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High Fat Diets Lead to Poor Sleep


Australian researchers have found that men who consume diets high in fat are more likely to feel sleepy during the day, to report sleep problems at night, and are also more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. The study, conducted at the University of Adelaide, looked at the association between fatty diets and sleep.  The results were based…
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Why “Night Shift” on Your iPhone is Important

Man using his mobile phone in the bed

We’ve said for years that using your electronic devices before bed (or worse, while you’re in bed) is a really bad idea.  The reason for this is that screens like the ones on smartphone, tablets, computers, and even televisions emit blue light, which has been shown to be a trigger to your brain that it’s…
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Chocolate Can Help You Sleep Better


Chocoholics rejoice! New research says your favorite pastime — eating chocolate — can actually help you sleep better.  There’s only one catch, and it’s a small one.  You have to eat dark chocolate. British researchers found that magnesium, an essential nutrient found in dark chocolate, helps cells keep track of the natural cycles of day…
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Stressed Out Over Taxes? Take a Nap!


Procrastinators have an extra three days to put off the inevitable this year, as the deadline for filing individual income taxes is April 18 in 2016, rather than the usual April 15.  For some taxpayers, the extended deadline represents welcome preparation time, but for others, it just represents a few extra days to be stressed out…
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Less Sleep = More Colds


A new study supports what parents have been saying for centuries: to avoid getting sick, be sure to get enough sleep. The team, which was led by a University of California San Francisco sleep researcher and included researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, found that people who sleep six hours…
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Sleepy Teens are Risk-Takers

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A new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says sleep-deprived high school students are more likely to sustain injuries than those who are well rested, and those injuries are often from risky behavior. In a study of more than 50,000 students, researchers found that those teens who got seven hours of sleep or…
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